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ORAU helps strengthen national security through participation in emergency preparedness exercises

National Security Exercise Participants

The magnitude of a disaster or large-scale emergency is often unpredictable, but readiness can be carefully planned and practiced to ensure the execution of a coordinated response effort.

In supporting our country’s national security and emergency preparedness readiness initiatives, ORAU provides full-function exercises, drills and tabletops to prepare the U.S. Department of Energy and other federal and state emergency agencies to effectively respond to terrorist acts, accidents or natural disasters.

Our interagency experience and effective customer support has strengthened our reputation as a nationally-recognized resource for national security and emergency preparedness.

ORAU develops all elements of the exercise package. We plan, manage, control, and evaluate the exercise, helping agencies to develop an effective and efficient response strategy.

We also provide emergency management training exercises that examine a broad scope of actions and outcomes to give an accurate assessment of readiness and allow for changes to be made to preparedness plans.

Our exercises are designed to:

  • Highlight organizational strengths
  • Pinpoint organizational weaknesses
  • Test emergency plans and procedures
  • Reinforce teamwork concepts
  • Integrate multiple organizations/agencies and their response resources and capabilities

Upon completion of exercise objectives, ORAU assists participants with a “hot wash” and critique where an analysis of decisions and outcomes can be reviewed. We also provide an exercise report to key participants that can be used to improve capabilities and address any identified weaknesses.

Through our exercise support, it is our goal to prepare the United States to counter threats to public safety and security by forging strategic partnerships and strengthening response capabilities among government agencies.

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Supporting federal agency participation in national level exercises

A series of five interrelated national readiness exercises, known collectively as Capstone 2016, received crucial support from ORAU. These exercises involved several thousand participants, including the federal executive departments headquartered in the National Capital Region, which responded to a terrorist threat scenario involving nuclear weapons.

ORAU personnel provided planning, simulation, direct response and performance evaluation support to DOE and the FBI for the seven days of Capstone 2016 in Mobile, Alabama, and Washington, D.C. Capstone 2016 was the culmination of the two-year National Exercise Program cycle and represents the most difficult and comprehensive planning and evaluation effort within the history of that program.

The lessons learned from Capstone 2016, identified through ORAU’s employment of its ELLCAS tool, focused on improving capabilities, interagency coordination and emergency response plans.