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Forensic Science Services

ORAU’s forensic specialists offer training and forensic analysis for military, law enforcement and homeland security

Forensic fingerprint enlargement

ORAU provides specialized forensic science expertise in the areas of analysis and laboratory operations, consulting, and education and training.

Forensic science operations

  • Analytical services (on-site support at customer facility by subject matter experts) - Processing and examination of evidence and materials, including chemical analyses, DNA, firearms and toolmarks, latent prints, trace evidence, and forensic photography
  • Laboratory management - Administrative operations, evidence and materials management, analytical protocol and methodology, research, competency and proficiency processes, and Quality Management systems
  • Matrixed capabilities - Integration of forensic, technical, and intelligence assets to form a multidisciplinary operation focusing on the recovery, analysis, identification, coordination, and management of evidence, materials, and devices with law enforcement, national security or intelligence community value

Forensic science consulting

  • Subject matter experts provide technical guidance and customized solutions to meet specific customer requirements
  • Scene management and investigative protocols
    Examination protocol and methodology review, guidance, and support
  • Laboratory management – policy review or development
  • Quality assurance – system and policy review or development, pre-accreditation site inspections, technical and administrative case review
  • Evidence and materials management – examination plan development, tracking and storage, and system and policy review or development
  • Laboratory facility space design and development
  • Access to subject matter expertise in additional forensic disciplines

Forensic science education and training

  • Scene management and investigation, including recognition, documentation, collection, and preservation of evidence and materials

Customer Value

  • Single point of access for subject matter experts to support a full range of analytical and lab management requirements
  • Integrated capability for developing comprehensive evidence and materials collection, handling, examination, protocol development, training, and research solutions
  • Multidisciplinary experience integrating forensic, technical and intelligence analysis of evidence and materials with investigative or other national security value