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Why would I want to use Exercise Builder Nuclear?


Here are the key advantages of using Exercise Builder Nuclear:

1. Build and manage drills and exercises efficiently

You can build a library of various types of reusable data

You can add all objectives for all facilities with 2-3 mouse clicks

Create missions and messages in your preferred format, easilty adjustable to the current exercise

Slide timeline events up and down and EBN will automatically renumber your messages


2. Collaborate

EBN is a web-based system, accessible anytime from any location with an Internet connection. Therefore, multiple people can work on an exercise together.

Exercise Builder Nuclear interface

3. Tell a story with pictures

Images, maps, diagrams, etc., can be embedded in any mission or message, and then will print with them. No more trying to manage auxiliary files from multiple sources.

Emergency exercise images

4. Generate reports

EBN will output all the data associated with a drill or exercise to a Word document. Just select which sections of data you want in the document, and the order you want them.

Exercise Builder Nuclear's Reporting Interface

5. Track data

EBN has a robust reporting system that helps you track data. 

  • Find out if a staff member is properly participating in exercises. 
  • List the number of times an objective has been used in a given period. 
  • Determine which EALs need your attention as the 8-year cycle nears an end.
  • And more…We are open to ideas.

Emergency Planners

Nuclear Power Plant Control Room

Contact ORAU today to inquire about a free Exercise Builder Nuclear demo

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