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Training First Responders to Keep Large-scale Events Safe

ORAU prepares DHS to protect large-scale structures and venues from radiological terrorism

ORAU prepares DHS to protect large-scale structures and venues from radiological terrorism

To assist the DHS Domestic Nuclear Detection Office with protecting large-scale structures and venues from radiological terrorism, ORAU developed and successfully executed the Advanced Radiological and Nuclear Detection Operations course.

ORAU conducted this three-day training course in Tampa, Fla., and College Park, Md., for approximately 70 law enforcement personnel and public safety professionals. The course curriculum covered two days of classroom instruction and hands-on demonstrations, culminating with a field exercise on the last day in a stadium venue where course participants used radiological detection equipment to find hidden radiological sources.

While these activities demonstrated to participants how to prevent the presence of radiological materials at large-scale special events, the course is also designed to ultimately improve the nation’s capability to detect and report any unauthorized attempts to import, possess, store, develop or transport nuclear or radiological material for use against the United States.


Integrating International Response through Workshop on Nuclear Smuggling Incidents

With the goal of integrating best practices and response protocols to improve nuclear nonproliferation and international security, more than 50 federal and regional government representatives from the Slovak Republic and the Republic of Lithuania participated in a three-day, scenario-based workshop with U.S. and European Union representatives.

Facilitated by ORAU, the U.S. State Department sponsored-workshop presented several nuclear smuggling scenarios to foster discussions on the roles and responsibilities of the governments in response to nuclear smuggling incidents.