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Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program (HSEEP) training

ORAU partners with California Emergency Management Agency to develop HSEEP training course

FEMA/HSEEP Toolkit website

Web-based Toolkit: The Next Generation in HSEEP Training

Together ORAU and the California Emergency Management Agency have developed a new Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program (HSEEP) course that creates a balance between learning exercise methodology and using Web-based toolkit activities to plan and develop exercises.

The revised HSEEP course is a four-day, hands-on course featuring computer-based activities that maximize use of the HSEEP Toolkit—an interactive, online collection of systems and tools used for exercise scheduling, design, development, conduct, evaluation and improvement planning.

Emergency dispatch workers

This revised course also allows participants to use their own jurisdictional information to complete course activities, making the material more relevant.

As a result of the improvements, participants can:

  • Gain valuable HSEEP Toolkit training and experience
  • Use course activities to plan an actual exercise
  • Evaluate the actual exercise they have presented 

The HSEEP Toolkit includes the following components:

  • National Exercise Schedule System
    An online, comprehensive tool that facilitates scheduling, deconfliction and synchronization of all national-level, federal, state and local exercises.
  • Design and Development System
    A project management tool and comprehensive tutorial for the design, development, conduct and evaluation of exercises.
  • Exercise Evaluation Guide (EEG) Builder (beta)
    Gives users the ability to create customized EEGs both inside the toolkit and through the Web site by selecting which activities from a given capability will be evaluated during an exercise.
  • Master Scenario Events List (MSEL) Builder (beta)
    Allows exercise lead planners to create customized MSEL formats by selecting from a list of data fields and populating those fields with exercise specific information.
  • Corrective Action Program (CAP) System
    A Web-based application that enables users to prioritize, track and analyze improvement plans developed from exercises and real-world events.
  • HSEEP Data Exchange Standards (draft)
    Provided by the Federal Emergency Management Agency and the National Exercise Division to promote the data exchange standard for the HSEEP.

To learn more, please visit the HSEEP Training Course page.