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Performance Improvement Management System (PIMS)

PIMS web-based application aids Veterans Health Administration (VHA) Emergency Management in response to local emergencies and national disasters

The Veterans Health Administration Performance Improvement Management System (VHA PIMS) is a web-based system for use by the VHA to systematically support the VHA’s Comprehensive Emergency Management Program. The system provides a consistent and efficient approach to plan, develop, evaluate and improve emergency management activities throughout the VHA and enables multi-level participation and collaboration.

PIMS is engaged in an ongoing, flexible development process where direction from the VHA Office of Emergency Management (OEM) and feedback from users in the field is used to consistently build and enhance the system. PIMS contains a variety of emergency management tools and functionality including:

Event Builder

The Event Builder tool facilitates the planning, building and management of exercises, and provides the ability to document actual incidents. Event Builder was developed in accordance with Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program (HSEEP) methodology. The system auto-generates documentation including the Exercise Plan, Controller/Evaluator Handbook, Exercise Evaluator Guide, and the After-Action Report/Improvement Plan. Improvement plan and corrective action items are tracked for each exercise or incident.

Screen captures outline how the Event Builder program works:

Click each thumbnail below for a larger version

Enter general information for an exercise or incident Build and manage an incident command staff
Add targets under each exercise objective for evaluation Use system-generated exercise evaluation guides (EEGs)
Add items to and manage the master scenario event list (MSEL) Enter ratings and narratives for the After-Action Report/Improvement Plan (AAR/IP)
Use the system-generated AAR/IP for reporting and recording improvement items Improvement items automatically appear on facility's profile page

Emergency Management Performance Improvement (EMPI) Funding Request and Tracking

As part of the emergency management exercise cycle, EMPI manages and tracks emergency management improvement funding requests. For the VHA, EMPI is responsible for the management and tracking of emergency management funding requests for more than 1,700 sites of care.

Volunteer Management System (VMS)

VMS manages the VHA volunteer program including volunteer information such as deployment qualifications, contact information, professions, and any specialties. VMS provides coordinators the ability to manage volunteers, determine who is in the process of becoming qualified for deployments, and identify those available to deploy. VMS is comprised of three main components: Volunteer Manager, Team Manager, and Deployment Manager. The system is used to respond to internal VA emergencies and to support a national mission following a Presidential Disaster Declaration.

Emergency Management Capabilities Assessment Program (EMCAP)

EMCAP supports the VHA OEM to assess the preparedness of VA medical centers across the country. EMCAP contains a scheduling tool, an assessment team builder, real-time assessment scoring, and post-assessment findings and report generation. PIMS also provides VA medical centers a central location to record facility comprehensive emergency management information. Emergency managers build their facility profile and upload key documents for assessors to review prior to arriving on-site, saving the facilities and assessors valuable time.