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Data Management

ORAU data management expertise assists health providers transition to electronic medical recordkeeping

The virtues of transferring paper medical records to electronic form are compelling. The easy exchange of digital data improves the quality of patient care, enhances patient safety and saves money.

As your organization moves toward implementing an electronic medical records system, the services of a company with a long-standing reputation for the successful and trustworthy management of electronic medical records is essential. ORAU has just such a reputation.

Among our accomplishments is the management of the National Supplemental Screening Program (NSSP) for the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) since 2005. The program, made possible through a partnership with Axion Health, uses a paperless workflow system for the medical data gathered during the screenings of former DOE workers. The NSSP currently serves eight primary DOE facilities and has screened more than 5,000 workers. Individuals were referred to the NSSP from 41 other facilities for screening.

Building upon the success of the NSSP information infrastructure has enabled us to deliver other innovative services. As an example, Argonne National Laboratory sought a sophisticated, flexible platform for managing and processing all its required medical information.

To provide such a solution, we again teamed with Occupational Health Link. The result of the effort is the Argonne Occupational Health System, which is capable of providing complete lifecycle health services, from pre-hire status to retirement/former worker status, as well as the integration of ongoing job and site-based exposure surveillance data.

ORAU has also distinguished itself as DOE’s worker health data center, integrating occupational health exposure and employment data across the DOE complex.

Our achievements in that role as well as in the challenging realm of electronic medical records management and medical records-keeping reflect the strength of our expertise, reliability and integrity—qualities that will be of invaluable benefit to you as we provide solutions to your unique medical data management needs.