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Radiation Dose Reconstruction

ORAU compiles worker and facility data to support radiation dose reconstruction

ORAU staff member performing radiation dose reconstruction

Whether you need radiation dose reconstruction for compensation programs or epidemiologic studies, ORAU offers a team of qualified records specialists and health physicists with expertise in data analysis.

Our records specialists are skilled at retrieving, validating and analyzing archived data that can be converted to electronic form. And because data is often accessed over long periods of time, we also design and maintain information systems to preserve data for future use.

Developing “site profiles” is one of the keys to our success. Site profiles describe operations, monitoring methodologies and their sensitivities, as well as environmental and medical exposure conditions in various work environments.

If exposure data is unavailable for some of your workers, we have developed statistical methods to analyze coworker data to estimate doses to unmonitored workers.

Our experienced health physicists analyze monitoring data or operational information to determine exposure conditions across both time and space to produce reliable estimates of workers’ absorbed doses.

Supporting radiation dose reconstructions for sick nuclear workers

In 2012, ORAU marked its tenth anniversary in helping CDC’s National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) program facilitate their response to concerns of DOE workers and contractors requesting compensation for radiation-related cancers that resulted from work-related exposure. During the past 10 years, ORAU has compiled, analyzed and reconstructed the dose history of more than 30,000 workers from more than 300 sites in the nation's nuclear weapons complex.