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ORAU applies methods of statistical analysis appropriate for your unique health focus

For data to be meaningful, it must be accurately analyzed, interpreted in a practical manner and then clearly explained. Statistical analysis can be applied to a variety of problems in occupational health, as well as other areas as diverse as radiation dose reconstruction and early childhood vaccination information.

The statisticians at ORAU have the expertise to apply the standard methods of analysis to the particular issues in your subject of interest. The information you will gain will enable you to identify and respond quickly to health risks.

We currently apply our biostatistics and statistics expertise to ongoing programs involving medical surveillance of workers and other populations, occupational epidemiology and research.

Our capabilities include:

  • Study design and startup issues
  • Power and sample size calculations
  • Data scrubbing and verification
  • Survey analysis, including agreement and reliability issues
  • Occupational radiation data analysis with external and bioassay radiation data
  • Occupational epidemiologic analysis involving hazards such as beryllium and titanium dioxide
  • Descriptive data analysis concentrating on graphical presentations
  • Data modeling using generalized linear models and computer-intensive packages
  • Use of a variety of statistical analysis packages, including those that use the R programming language
  • Investigation into research topics related to statistical analysis and occupational health
  • Interpretation and presentation of study results