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Epidemiology Training

ORAU shares its extensive knowledge to teach others about key epidemiology studies

Epidemiology Training

Epidemiological studies can provide valuable insight into health trends for workers and the public at large. Once a study is complete, however, it must be interpreted and explained to workers and the public. In many cases, the ability to do so is not a ready expertise many industries possess.

Leveraging its 30-plus years of experience, ORAU now offers training to help customers understand and explain critical, salient points found in key epidemiological studies and data trends. A recent example is a course ORAU developed for the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC).

The course focuses on familiarizing NRC staff with basic epidemiologic concepts and terminology so they can have a common understanding as they communicate among the staff and the public. ORAU is providing the training at NRC Regional offices across the country. This work is in addition to the database ORAU currently manages for the NRC that encompasses more than 1,800 NRC licensees and contains more than six million records for one million monitored individuals.