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Information Technology Integration

ORAU capitalizes on information technology to create manageable research and medical databases

Medical Database Research

Managing research and medical data is a challenging endeavor. When seeking solutions to your unique information technology (IT) integration needs, you want to work with a company that has a comprehensive understanding of database design, programming, data linkage and integrity, as well as expertise in the execution and maintenance of epidemiologic information systems.

That is why ORAU and our partners, such as Axion Health, are the best choice for IT integration services involving occupational health data.

Our proven credentials in IT integration have given us the tools and expertise necessary to serve as the complex-wide integrator of occupational health data for the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE).

DOE’s occupational health data are derived from various studies, screening programs and other analysis and reporting mechanisms. To manage these research and medical data, ORAU and its partners have built and implemented robust electronic medical records systems with the goal of eventually facilitating a transition to electronic medical recordkeeping at DOE sites nationwide.

This graphic shows the flow of data into and out of the ORAU-managed DOE worker health data center.

The DOE Data Center, which supports illness and injury surveillance for current and former workers, consists of two main areas: Human Policy Programs and Compliance Programs.

ORAU’s Human Policy Programs:

  • Provide training and resources to DOE and DOE laboratories in understanding and implementing DOE policy and federal regulations related to human subject research protection
  • Maintain more than 3.9 million exposure records in the Radiation Exposure Monitoring System (REMS) database, with 100,000 added each year. REMS operates in parallel with the Radiation Exposure Information Reporting System (REIRS), a system that is used to provide radiation exposure reports for current and former U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission workers.

ORAU’s Compliance Programs:

  • Produce annual reports for 15 sites and combined summary reports, and tracks more than 138,000 workers through the Illness and Injury Surveillance Program
  • Provide human subjects reporting for all of DOE through the Human Subjects Research Database; approximately 300 projects are tracked yearly from 47 facilities representing almost $80 million in research funding
  • Track more than 28,000 workers from 21 DOE sites through the Beryllium Registry
  • Perform more than 25,000 Beryllium tests at our CLIA-certified Beryllium Testing Laboratory

Through our work for DOE, we have strengthened our capabilities in IT integration and have developed a effective systems for organizing research or medical data into manageable databases. From systems analysis, design and development to the management of research and medical data, we can help you manage your occupational health data through effective IT integration.