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Privacy/Security Notice

By continuing to use this system you indicate your awareness of and consent to the following terms and conditions of use. LOG OFF IMMEDIATELY if you do not agree to the conditions stated in this warning.

Security Notice

This system is part of a Federal information system. This system is monitored for security purposes to ensure it remains available to all users and to protect information in the system. The system employs software programs to monitor network traffic to identify unauthorized activities. By accessing this system, you are expressly consenting to these monitoring activities. Unauthorized attempts to defeat or circumvent security features; to use the system for other than intended purposes; to deny service to authorized users; to access, obtain, alter, damage, or destroy information; to upload or change information; to otherwise cause system or information damage; or otherwise to interfere with the system or its operation, is prohibited. Evidence of such acts may be disclosed to law enforcement authorities and result in prosecution under the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act of 1986 and the National Information Infrastructure Protection Act of 1996, or other applicable laws.

Privacy Notice

This system is for authorized use only. Use of this system constitutes consent to security monitoring and testing. All activity is logged with your host name and IP address. Users (authorized or unauthorized) have no explicit or implicit expectation of privacy. Any or all uses of this system and all files on this system may be intercepted, monitored, recorded, copied, audited, inspected, and disclosed to authorized site and law enforcement personnel, as well as authorized officials of other agencies, both domestic and foreign. By using this system, the user consents to such interception, monitoring, recording, copying, auditing, inspection, and disclosure at the discretion of authorized site or law enforcement personnel. Unauthorized or improper use of this system may result in administrative disciplinary action and civil and criminal penalties.

Use of Personal Information

You are not required to supply personal information to visit this site. We collect personal identifying information only if specifically and knowingly provided by you. All personal identifying information you provide will be used only in connection with the application for which it was entered, and as provided herein. All data entered is stored on a secure server and is protected against unauthorized access.

Use of “Cookies”

The use of “cookies” is limited to collecting and storing only the following information about you: the name of the domain from which you access the Internet, the date and time you access our site, and the Internet address of the Web site from which you linked directly to our site. We do not track or record information about individuals and their visits, except with regard to system security violations (described above). We never give, sell or transfer any personal information to a third party, except for providing information to the appropriate authorities for system security enforcement purposes.