NUREG/CR- 5849; ORAU-92/C57

Manual for Conducting Radiological Surveys in Support of License Termination (June 1992).

Cover, Table of Contents and Chapter 1: Introduction 

Chapter 2: The Decommissioning Process

Chapter 3: Assessing the Radiological Status of the Site

Chapter 4: Planning and Designing the Final Status Survey

Chapter 5: Radiological Instrumentation

Chapter 6: Survey Techniques

Chapter 7: Sample Analysis

Chapter 8: Interpretation of Survey Results

Chapter 9: Survey Documentation and Reports; References: Bibliography; and Glossary

Appendix A: Determining Site Specific Guidelines & Appendix B: Statistical Tables

Appendix C: Survey Plan for Determining the Final Radiological Status  of the Reference Uranium Fuel Fabrication Plant

Appendix D: The Final Radiological Status Report for the Reference Uranium Fuel Fabrication Plant

Bonus material not found in original publication: Slides from presentation by J. Berger providing an overview of NUREG-5849



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