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Guidance for the Data Quality Objectives Process (G-4), EPA/600/R-96/055, (August 2000)

Guidance on Quality Assurance Project Plans (G-5), EPA/600/R-98/018, (December 2002)

Guidance for the Preparation of Standard Operating Procedures (G-6), EPA/240/B-01/004 (March 2001)

Guidance on Technical Audits and Related Assessments (G-7), EPA/600/R-99/080 (January 2000)

Guidance on Environmental Data Verification and Validation (G-8)EPA/240/R-02/004, (November 2002)

Guidance for Data Quality Assessment: Practical Methods for Data Analysis (G-9), EPA/600/R-96/084, (July 2000)

EPA Requirements for QA Project Plans (QA/R-5), EPA/240/B-01/003 (March 2001)