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United Kingdom


Clearance and Exemption Principles, Processes and Practices for Use by the Nuclear Industry - A Nuclear Industry Code of Practice (July 2005)


Dose Criteria for the Designation of Radioactively Contaminated Land (March 2006)


Comparison of Processes and Procedures for Deriving Exposure Criteria for the Protection of Human Health: Chemicals, Ionising Radiation and Non-ionising Radiation (July 2007)


Advice on risks from tritium (November 2007)


Guidance on the application of dose coefficients for the embryo, fetus and breastfed infant in dose assessments for members of the public (PDF, 528 KB)

European Commission



147: Guidelines for the Regulatory Control of Consumer Products Containing Radioactive Substances in the European Union


146: A Review of Consumer Products Containing Radioactive Substances in the European Union


145: New Insights in Radiation Risk and Basic Safety Standards


144:  Guidance on the calculation, presentation and use of collective doses for routine discharges


140: Cosmic radiation exposure of aircraft crew


139: A review of consumer products containing radioactive substances in the European Union


131: Effects of in utero exposure to ionising radiation during the early phases of pregnancy


129: Guidance on the realistic assessment of radiation doses to members of the public due to the operation of nuclear installations under normal conditions


125: Low Dose Ionizing Radiation and Cancer Risk


124: Radiological considerations with regard to the remediation of areas affected by lasting radiation exposure as a result of a past or old practice or work activity


123: Genetic Susceptibility And New Evolutions On Genetic Risk


122: Practical Use of the Concepts of Clearance and Exemption

   Part I: Guidance on General Clearance Levels for Practices 
   Part II: Application of the Concepts of Exemption and Clearance to Natural Radiation Sources 


121: Thyroid diseases and exposure to ionising radiation: Lessons learned following the Chernobyl accident


117: Methodology and models used to calculate individual and collective doses from the recycling of metals from the dismantling of nuclear installations


114: Definition of Clearance Levels for the Release of Radioactively Contaminated Buildings and Building Rubble


113: Recommended radiological protection criteria for the clearance of buildings and building rubble from the dismantling of nuclear installations


112: Radiological Protection Principles concerning the Natural Radioactivity of Building Materials


109: Guidance on diagnostic reference levels (DRLs) for medical exposures


100: Guidance for protection of unborn children and infants irradiated due to parental medical exposures


97: Radiation Protection following Iodine-131 therapy (exposures due to out-patients or discharged in-patients)