Containers for Radium Needles and Tubes (ca. 1920s, 1930s)

These containers are intended for transporting small radium needles or tubes.  Originally, each would have come in a small velvet-lined leatherette case like that shown in the photograph on the left.  One side of the containers reads "Radium Chemical Company, Distributors, Pittsburgh, PA. USA" while the other side says "Standard Chemical Co. Pittsburgh, PA. USA."   Each is hexagonal in cross section, has a wall thickness of 6 mm, is about 7 cm long and 2 cm in diameter, and has a serial number stamped on the bottom (No. 2756 and No. 4498).  Both of them appear to be plated brass  -  an analysis by x-ray fluorescence showed nickel, copper and zinc, but no iron or lead. 

For a story about one of these containers and its leatherette case, click here.

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