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Medical Management of Radiation Incidents

ORAU’s Experts Provide Advice in Support of the Medical Management of Radiation Incidents Worldwide

ORAU understands that radiation can be a complex topic for the general public. Since 1976, ORAU has responded to thousands of calls for advice and consultation on the medical management of internal and external radiological contamination.

Our team of physicians and health physicists are available 24/7 to answer general information questions from individuals around the world, as well as provide advice and consultation on:

  • Planning activities to prepare your organization to respond to a radiation emergency
  • Medical aspects of managing a radiation emergency
  • Treatments for exposures to specific radionuclides
  • Basic health physics consultations
  • Calculations for radiation dose estimates

In the event of a radiological incident, our team of health physicists is also available to provide event reconstruction, which is critical to understanding radiation exposure. Dose and event reconstruction are key steps in determining the appropriate treatment for the victims.

We are dedicated to pursuing improvements in the response and treatment of radiation emergency victims, as well as educating emergency response providers.