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National Exercises

ORAU Participates in National Emergency Planning Exercises to Provide Expertise to On-Site Medical Professionals

Emergency personnel take part in national preparedness exercises

If a nuclear incident occurred resulting in human exposure to radiation, would America’s emergency personnel be prepared to assist in the medical management of a radiation accident?

Nuclear accidents and radiological attacks demand an immediate, expert medical response. Yet, while nuclear technology extends to the far reaches of the United States, few communities have local professionals in place with the knowledge and practical training required to quickly address the medical aspects of human exposure to radiation.

Through the management of the Radiation Emergency Assistance Center/Training Site (REAC/TS) and its role as a deployable U.S. Department of Energy response asset, ORAU participates in national exercises where the simulated terrorist attack involves a radiological weapon of mass destruction.

ORAU also provides cytogenetic biodosimetry support by collecting and shipping blood samples to its lab in Oak Ridge, Tenn., for radiation dose calculations.

These efforts go a long way in preparing our country in the event of a terrorist attack involving radiological materials.