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Radiation Accident Registry System

ORAU Maintains National and International Registries to Provide Medical Professionals with Up-to-Date Radiation Accident Information

First responders take part in a radiation emergency response training

Keeping records of worldwide radiation incidents enables physicians to stay abreast of effective treatments and to monitor trends in morbidity and mortality. The information from the registry system can also be used for follow-up on accident survivors.

ORAU maintains a radiation accident registry system that includes the U.S. Radiation Accident Registry and the Non-U.S. Accident Registry.

Information for these accident registries is gathered from many sources, including government agencies, international organizations, state radiological health departments, as well as medical and health physics literature. The registries also include information from medical professionals who call ORAU for assistance when an incident occurs.

Medical information regarding human response to radiation exposure and associated treatment, including the use of radiation treatment pharmaceuticals is also studied by our staff and maintained in the diethylenetriaminepentaacetic acid (DTPA) and Prussian Blue registries.