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Radiation Emergency Medicine Publications

ORAU provides expertise to publications focused on the medical management of radiation emergencies

Scientific Journal

Publications by ORAU’s radiation emergency medicine experts include technical reports, pharmaceutical package inserts, and peer-reviewed journal articles.

Visit ORAU’s Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education website to access our complete list of radiation emergency medicine publications.

Some of our more popular publications include The Medical Aspects of Radiation Incidents, which includes an overview of the basics of radiation, an explanation of the types of radiation exposure, and procedure demonstrations.

You can also reference package inserts for radiation treatment pharmaceuticals which include:

  • Calcium-DTPA
  • Zinc-DTPA
  • Prussian Blue

Featured Publications

Medical Aspects of Radiation Incidents

The Medical Aspects of Radiation Incidents is an electronic document for medical professionals treating victims of radiation exposure.

REAC/TS radiation emergency medicine training

Read about REAC/TS in the November 2009 issue of Health Physics News: Evaluation of Acute Local Radiation Injury—Part II Thermography for Fluoroscopy Injuries

Article reused with permission from the Health Physics Society.