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ORAU Center for Safety Studies

Proven methods for understanding and implementing safety culture now available to other government agencies

Safety Inspection

While a safe working environment is seen as fundamental for organizations and their employees, many leaders are now recognizing that the same behaviors that foster a safe working environment also are a key indicator of a high-performing workforce that can drive a company’s future success. Identifying and encouraging those behaviors is the first step a company can take to realize its potential.

Long before ORAU received its first Voluntary Protection Program (VPP) Star from the U.S. Department of Energy in 2003 for the management of the Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education (ORISE), ORAU was recognized for its ability to foster a highly engaged workforce that would build an enduring healthy organizational culture. Through the years, ORAU has expanded its knowledge and expertise by mentoring other contractors in achieving VPP certification.

Now, ORAU is sharing its expansive knowledge in building a thriving safety culture to help others plan and implement meaningful changes that can result in measurable improvements. Using proven methodology, ORAU employs an interdisciplinary team of behavioral scientists, safety professionals, engineers, and statisticians to help companies build a healthier culture. ORAU’s safety culture subject matter experts provide timely and credible reviews and evaluations, turning data into information and information into insight.

The ORAU safety culture model is proven with multiple customers to deliver positive results.

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ORAU’s Model

ORAU has developed a standard model for studying a company’s safety culture. The results of this process are repeatable and the recommendations for improvement are sustainable when implemented according to recommendations.


Downloadable information graphics, white papers, and other resources from the ORAU Center for Safety Studies.

Security Culture

Experience has shown that the same principles that ORAU utilizes to analyze safety culture apply to organizational security culture.

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How to Work With Us

Ready to begin studying your organization’s safety culture? Learn about the many ways you can contract with ORAU to undertake a comprehensive safety culture study.


ORAU Center for Safety Studies

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Case Study ORAU Self Assessment

The methods of analyzing and improving safety culture that ORAU uses arise from years of implementing those same processes to cultivate an award-winning safety culture inside our own walls.

Learn more about ORAU’s own safety culture