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ORAU’s safety culture improvement model

Proven methods for studying safety culture allow for repeatable results and sustainable improvements

ORAU specializes in measuring safety culture and then helping you plan and implement meaningful changes that can result in measurable improvements. We have learned that measuring safety culture in a scientifically defensible and comprehensive manner is important. However, understanding what specific things can be done to change safety culture is even more important. The ORAU safety culture model is proven with multiple customers to deliver positive results.

Baseline assessment

Safety culture is best measured using both qualitative and quantitative methods and then comparing data from multiple sources. A multidisciplinary team analyzes the results and transforms the data into actionable information. ORAU conducts:

  • Questionnaire Surveys
  • Focus Groups
  • Management Interviews
  • Direct Observations in the Workplace

Program planning

ORAU helps you plan your safety culture program. Based on the strengths and weaknesses identified in the baseline assessment, a logic model is developed. This is a roadmap that specifies the needed resources, planned activities and expected outcomes, including benefits to the workforce and anticipated impact on the organization. The logic model is bolstered by a policy statement and program performance objectives. All of the planning is captured in a program planning document.

Safety Culture Process

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ORAU has an array of tools, training curricula, exercises, communication messages, and expertise to help you implement your safety culture program.  We have learned that a methodical and disciplined approach yields the greatest return on investment. We mentor and help your team as they learn safety culture best practices and weave them into the fabric of your organization. As your program is implemented we help you gather evidence that will help determine the effectiveness of your efforts.

Program evaluation

Evaluating your safety culture program and determining effectiveness should be based on facts and evidence not feelings and emotion. ORAU uses quantitative methods to independently evaluate your program and determine its effectiveness. This typically involves a follow-up survey to measure outcomes and a gathering of data to measure process effectiveness. We help you understand what worked and what did not work.

Line Chart Showing Sustainment of Safety Culture Improvements

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