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Become a Mentor

ORAU Offers Mentoring Opportunities as a Bridge Between the Classroom and the Profession

Joe Lake

To be a scientist, one must possess passion and a strong desire to delve into the unknown. Personal characteristics such as inquisitiveness and pure wonder help drive a scientist’s hunger to answer nature’s unsolved questions and phenomena.

As a professional scientist or engineer, you probably have a strong appreciation for those thought leaders who have come before you. You may have even developed relationships over the years with senior-level researchers who have helped shaped the direction of your career.

Returning that gift of mentorship is a great way to continue the legacy of your research while also providing the advice and counsel that is necessary for cultivating the next generation of scientists and engineers.

Think you’re interested in becoming a mentor, but just aren’t sure? For more information about becoming involved as a science education mentor, contact ORAU’s Science Education and Workforce Development at 865.576.3424.