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Capabilities in Science Education

ORAU uses research-based approach to manage science education programs and workforce development

World-class research facilities offer unique opportunities to the next generation of scientists and engineers. As an advocate for both the participants and the research facilities, ORAU assists in connecting the best and most diverse students and faculty members to programs closely aligned with their own interests. It’s a process we have managed for more than 60 years, and we continue to do so for more than a dozen federal agencies.

Our current science education program opportunities include:

  • Undergraduate educational support
  • Graduate fellowships
  • Postgraduate internships
  • Postdoctoral research opportunities
  • Faculty and student research experience programs
  • K-12 education programs
  • Teacher professional development
  • Science education events

The Research-Based Approach

ORAU realizes that it can take years to cultivate highly qualified scientific and technical talent. In fact, with a large percentage of our nation’s scientific workforce nearing retirement age, filling the pipeline with graduates who are able to compete in the international science and engineering arenas has never been more critical.

For that reason, we have developed a research-based approach in designing, implementing, operating, and evaluating our science education and workforce development programs.

Science Education Life Cycle

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Learn more about the four components of the Research-Based Approach:

Workforce Development

We have become an industry leader in assessing the workforce development needs of our nation’s science, technology, engineering and mathematics disciplines.


ORAU leads an aggressive recruitment campaign to encourage students, teachers and faculty to participate in science education programs.

Managing Science and Technology Programs

We manage and oversee the administration of more than 150 science education programs.

Evaluating Success

ORAU conducts ongoing evaluations of its science education programs and analyzes long-term labor trends characteristic of our nation’s scientific workforce.

Research-Based Approach

In the Research-Based Approach model, promoting the use of classroom technologies within every step of the process is the focal point of ORAU’s science education initiatives. Our Center for Science Education is dedicated to strengthening the scientific literacy of our nation by bringing advanced technology out of research labs and into our schools. It is a hands-on, technology-rich environment that bolsters the entire spectrum of education—including teachers, K-12 students, postdocs, and faculty members.