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Managing Science and Technology Programs

ORAU manages more than 150 science and technology programs

ORAU program participant checks an experiment in progress

After identifying critical labor needs and actively recruiting quality participants, the experienced team at ORAU continue to manage and oversee the administration of more than 150 science education programs.

We effectively prioritize resources across projects, departments and entities to ensure that each program is streamlined in support of science education and workforce development. Also contributing to our success, we excel at creating innovative partnerships, many of which include our 121 member university consortium.

Whether it’s processing applications, facilitating selections, or even distributing research stipends, ORAU performs each client-driven task with as much fervor as if it were its own.

Mentoring the Mentors

We also realize that the success of our science education programs hinges upon the experiences and expertise of those individuals who are working the front lines of the research community. Industry experts who have the commitment and willingness to nurture the next generation of scientists and engineers make excellent mentors. That is why we take great care in recruiting prospective mentors and providing them with the orientation they need to begin cultivating the future scientific workforce.