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Ryan Tuttle

Determining best practices for environmental compliance through regulatory requirements tracking

Ryan Tuttle

Photo credit: DOE

Graduate student Ryan Tuttle was no stranger to the DOE Scholars Program—he participated once before in a different division—but that did not stop him from gaining another valuable experience with DOE. He served his most recent appointment in the Office of Environmental Compliance where he focused on determining best practices through compiling different regulatory requirements and tracking the methods used to close issues with these requirements.

“There is always another element to learn,” he said. “I have a better understanding of how the government functions internally from this experience; the life of a civil servant is very different than I expected.”

Once he completes his master’s degree in public policy at Oregon State University, Ryan hopes to work his way into the renewable energy and energy efficiency side of the federal government with DOE’s Office of Environmental Management, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency or the Bonneville Power Administration.