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Research Experiences

Profiles of students and faculty members put a personal face on the world-class scientific research that ORAU supports

Whether you are a university faculty member looking for opportunities to conduct collaborative research with a national laboratory, or an undergraduate student looking for a summer experience that could help shape the rest of your professional career, ORAU science education programs have something to offer.

We capitalize on solid relationships with more than 1,100 U.S. and foreign colleges and universities, including our ORAU member universities. We also oversee ongoing collaborations with more than a dozen federal agencies.

Last year alone, we helped place more than 9,400 participants into the internship, scholarship, fellowship or research appointment that best suited their research career goals. Those appointments led to more than $100M in research stipends, nearly 2,600 domestic and foreign trips, and sponsorship of more than 500 immigration statuses for foreign nationals.

Research Experiences

The following pages provide profiles of researchers who have recently completed ORAU-managed research programs for a wide range of laboratories and federal research facilities. By hearing students and faculty members describe in their own words the kinds of research they have performed, you can learn about the diverse types of world-class science that ORAU supports.

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