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Faculty Research Experiences

Dr. Jason HaywardDr. Jason Hayward

One of the 61 Early Career Research Program Award recipients recognized by DOE-SC in 2013 is Jason Hayward, Ph.D., an assistant professor with the University of Tennessee. A current joint faculty member with ORNL, Hayward received funding from the award to help develop the next generation of high resolution instrumentation design for neutron imaging facilities like ORNL's Spallation Neutron Source.

Dr. Rolin MainuddinDr. Rolin Mainuddin

Dr. Rolin Mainuddin of North Carolina Central University spent the summer with two of his students lending their knowledge in social sciences to help the U.S. Department of Homeland Security gain more intelligence about the process of radicalization.

Dr. Eddie RedDr. Eddie Red

Dr. Eddie Red of Morehouse College studied nanotube characteristics that could lead to improved fuel cells as part of the DOE Faculty and Student Team research program at Oak Ridge National Laboratory.

Dr. Dianna SpenceDr. Dianna Spence

North Georgia College and State University professor Dianna Spence, Ph.D., and students work to hasten the speed at which computationally-intensive equations are solved for more efficient analysis of groundwater at Oak Ridge National Laboratory.

Dr. Liz Diaz VázquezDr. Liz Diaz Vázquez

Three Puerto Rican scientists spent summer researching new ways to detect explosive traces as part of Department of Homeland Security Summer Research Team for Minority Serving Institutions.