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Identify the Experts

ORAU manages the Peer Review Process by Identifying Qualified Experts

How ORAU identifies and locates candidate reviewers (graphic)

Whether it involves climate change, supercomputing technology or alternative energy sources, Oak Ridge Associated Universities’ (ORAU) scientific peer review experts are on the front lines of today’s most critical and pressing issues. Peer review management is one of the most vital steps in ensuring the scientific merit of many programs and initiatives that affect us on a personal level each and every day.

This process requires finding qualified reviewers and recruiting them for the job. To do this, we maintain access to an established professional network to ensure qualified reviewers match the needs of each customer.

ORAU maximizes the use of its university consortium, other universities, relevant professional organizations, public lists, and the Internet to identify objective reviewers. Through these contacts, we conduct an extensive search and screening process to identify experts with the appropriate areas of expertise for each review. We also manage conflicts of interest throughout the entire peer review process.

Our rigorous process for selecting qualified reviewers may involve the following:

How ORAU recommends reviewers and assignments for clients (graphic)