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Implement Improvements

ORAU evaluates Customer Needs to Implement Ongoing Improvements to the Peer Review Process

An effective peer review process cannot come full circle without evaluating ways for improvement. When a scientific peer review is complete and recommendations have been made, our job at Oak Ridge Associated Universities (ORAU) has just begun.

Implementing improvements may be the last step of conducting peer reviews; however, the information we glean from our evaluation techniques helps us to start the next planning phase with the insight necessary to make peer review management even better.

ORAU collaborates with each customer to make necessary modifications for future improvements based on the program review evaluation. We combine input from customers and our staff to find ways to strengthen and broaden our capabilities, as well as identify new, more efficient processes.

Because each customer’s expectations are unique, our job is to develop methods of improvement while maintaining the flexibility necessary to reviewing research proposals.

We distribute evaluation surveys for each independent review and carefully consider the results. Our dedication to continuous improvement and our commitment to technology explain why we are sought after by agencies to manage the peer review process.