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ORAU integrates Expertise and Benchmark PeerNet™ Software to Manage the Peer Review Process

Woman participating in a peer review

Designing and implementing a scientific peer review requires integrating specialized skills. From the initial design stage to performing a final evaluation, managing an independent and objective peer review program involves expert knowledge and meticulous planning.

To support this process, ORAU employs a variety of peer review specialists, each possessing a multitude of skill sets, some of which include:

  • Customer collaboration
  • Review management
  • Project management
  • Logistics coordination
  • Technology management
  • Reviewer recruitment

We believe our people are our strongest assets and our clients have come to depend on their expertise. With constant attention toward process and procedure improvement, our proposal review specialists participate annually in general safety, security and procedural training as specified for government contractor personnel. We also conduct regular job and group-specific developmental activities.


When conducting peer reviews, we also incorporate PeerNet™, a structured electronic database that streamlines the review process. Short for Proposal Evaluation and Electronic Review Network, PeerNet™ is a Web-based system for entering peer review scores and comments. PeerNet™ can be used to collect and report any evaluation data from multiple reviewers using common criteria and scoring methods.

Because we manage PeerNet™, we are able to provide an in-house information technology infrastructure that allowed us to achieve a consistent 99% or better up-time rate for the PeerNet™ system.

Other key characteristics of PeerNet include:

  • Security—PeerNet™ has a proven record of success meeting governmental cyber security requirements. 
  • Easy to Use—PeerNet™ is accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week from any computer with Internet access. There are no hardware requirements for using the system.
  • Flexibility—PeerNet™ was designed to easily collect, tabulate, and report evaluative comments and/or scores from multiple reviewers with common criteria. 
  • Produces Immediate Reports—Any data in the system can be produced in a report, either on screen or in print.