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Scientific Peer Review

Success stories

Peer review

In terms of deliverables, ORAU’s scientific peer review provides confidence that research funding has been well allocated and accountability for ensuring the ultimate goal of the research has been met.

Recognizing there is no substitute for independent and objective assessments, ORAU continues to excel in peer review management by designing and implementing highly credible scientific peer review programs and by continuously collaborating with customers to make necessary modifications for future improvements.

To learn more about some of our recent areas of success, browse through some of the case studies listed below.

ORAU provides responsive customer solutions under reduced government spending

As spending for federal employee travel and scientific conferences was cut in FY13, ORAU embraced responsive methods for addressing customer needs and explored ways to reduce operating costs without jeopardizing the quality of peer review services.

ORAU supports principal investigators meeting for Energy Frontier Research Centers

ORAU assisted DOE-SC in preparing for and implementing the 500-attendee Energy Frontier Research Centers Principal Investigators’ Meeting, which explored the scientific challenges to our nation’s energy future.

Supporting DOE’s mission to recognize outstanding scientists, engineers

In FY12, ORAU provided peer review and award ceremony support to several DOE Office of Science award programs.

ORAU helps Kazakhstan adopt
international standard for independent peer review

ORAU is helping Kazakhstan adopt international standards for peer review by managing the independent assessment of more than 100 faculty research proposals at the country’s premier academic institution Nazarbayev University.

ORAU’s contract wording saves DOE more than $100K in hotel costs

After a massive snowstorm disrupted a DOE Genomic Science meeting, ORAU was able to save the agency more than $100,000 due to the addition of a clause that allowed cancellation of the contract.

ORAU delivers cost savings and customer service with off-the-shelf software

ORAU team built a project tracking and management system with off-the-shelf products—an immediate cost and time-saver.

Inter-rater reliability aims to bring standardization to ORAU scientific peer reviews

ORAU’s Scientific Peer Review Program is using a new initiative termed “inter-rater reliability” to establish standards or a level of agreement among reviewers when rating a proposal.

ORAU finds new uses for PeerNet™ application

In maintaining our commitment to continuous process improvement, ORAU has added new features to our award-winning PeerNet™ review database.

ORAU partners with DHS University Programs to strengthen homeland security

ORAU has worked together with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security Office of University Programs to provide scientific peer reviews to help identify research that is designed to enhance our nation’s security.