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Ralph E. Powe Junior Faculty Enhancement Awards

Frequently Asked Questions


  • If I am a junior faculty member on a tenure track at my current institution, but have served as a tenure-track assistant professor previously at another institution, am I eligible?
    • Yes, using your time at your current institution, you are eligible. 
  • If I have a title of Research Assistant Professor but am not on a tenure track appointment, am I eligible to apply?
    • No, only tenure track faculty are eligible to apply for the Powe awards.  However, our event and travel grant programs, as well as the ODRD program, are open to all faculty and we invite you to check out those programs.
  • My institution granted me an extension on my tenure-track due to a medical situation or other extenuating circumstance. I’m beyond the two-year period from my actual start date, but not if you factor in the extension.  Am I still eligible?
    • For individuals that have had a medical issue or other circumstance that resulted in a “tenure clock delay” we consider this as the clock being stopped for a few months. We honor the institution’s tenure tracking and they are eligible as long as they have not been on tenure track for more than two years with the delay is factored in.
  • Can we present someone as a nominee from our institution that has been turned down the previous year as a Powe recipient?
    • It is ok to present a nominee for a second time under the Ralph E. Powe Junior Faculty Enhancement Award program. Our only stipulation is to make sure that any comments from previous reviewers are addressed. 
  • I am a part-time assistant professor. Am I eligible?
    • No, only full-time assistant professors at ORAU member institutions within two years of their initial tenure track appointment at the time of application are eligible.


  • If awarded, what can we use the funding for?
    • This award can include funds for faculty summer salary, graduate student salary, travel, equipment, or other assistance relevant to the faculty member’s research. ORAU does not allow overhead charges or indirect costs on the award from ORAU or the university match.

Online Application Form

  • For the question about the Amount of Current Funding, is this asking for total awarded amounts of all active grants the applicant is part of or just those that they are named PI?
    • It should be the total funds awarded as PI, Co-PI or Senior Personnel. 
  • One of the categories listed is “Policy, Management, or Education.” Does the research project have to be education related to STEM fields, or can it focus on education in another field?
    • No, the research project does not have to be focused on STEM fields.

If you have any questions, please contact Janet Kile.