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2014 Ralph E. Powe Junior Faculty Enhancement Award Winners

Award Recipient Sponsoring Institution Discipline
Brooke Hester Appalachian State University Physical Sciences
Zahid Hossain Arkansas State University Engineering/Applied Sciences
Jonathan Merten Arkansas State University Physical Sciences
Maiken Mikkelsen Duke University Engineering/Applied Sciences
Amanda Hargrove Duke University Physical Sciences
Ismail Guvenc Florida International University Engineering/Applied Sciences
Cameron Thrash Louisiana State University Life Sciences
Jie Gao Missouri University of Science and Technology Engineering/Applied Sciences
Yuejie Chi Ohio State University Mathematics/Computer Science
Ismaila Dabo Penn State University Engineering/Applied Sciences
Rajamani Gounder Purdue University Engineering/Applied Sciences
Malin Pinsky Rutgers University Life Sciences
Tyler Moore Southern Methodist University Mathematics/Computer Science
Tara Kahan Syracuse University Physical Sciences
Jennifer Vanos Texas Tech University Engineering/Applied Sciences
Lin Li University of Alabama Engineering/Applied Sciences
Alexandre Sousa University of Cincinnati Physical Sciences
Mable Fok University of Georgia Engineering/Applied Sciences
Christina Payne University of Kentucky Physical Sciences
Amy Karlsson University of Maryland Engineering/Applied Sciences
Emanuel Gull University of Michigan Physical Sciences
Matt Maschmann University of Missouri-Columbia Engineering/Applied Sciences
Shaoting Zhang University of North Carolina at Charlotte Mathematics/Computer Science
Marcus Young University of North Texas Engineering/Applied Sciences
Bryanna Hahn-Fox University of South Florida Policy, Management or Education
Steven Skutnik University of Tennessee Engineering/Applied Sciences
Anna Szynkiewicz University of Tennessee Engineering/Applied Sciences
Evie Malaia University of Texas at Arlington Life Sciences
Andrew Esbaugh University of Texas at Austin Life Sciences
Nicole Benedek University of Texas at Austin Physical Sciences
Song Hu University of Virginia Life Sciences
Nicholas Roberts Utah State University Engineering/Applied Sciences
Rizia Bardhan Vanderbilt University Engineering/Applied Sciences
John Matson Virginia Tech Physical Sciences
Timothy Wencewicz Washington University in St. Louis Life Sciences

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