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Council of Sponsoring Institutions responsibilities and functions

ORAU New Council Orientation from ORAU on Vimeo.

ORAU is governed by the Council of Sponsoring Institutions, in accordance with the Charter and By Laws of the organization. The executive head of each Sponsoring or Associate Institution appoints the Council member. It is normally most effective if the university Chief Research Officer is appointed as Councilor. The Councilor serves as the official channel for the institution in all relationships between the university and ORAU. The responsibilities of and functions performed by Councilors are summarized below.

Councilor responsibilities as part of the Council:

  • The Councilor casts the institution’s vote at the Annual Meeting of the ORAU Council of Sponsoring Institutions. Associate Members do not vote on matters considered by the Council.
  • The Councilor notifies the ORAU University Partnerships Office of changes in the appointed Councilor or Chief Research Officer at the institution.
  • The Council elects a Chair and Vice Chair of the Council; a Board of Directors to manage ORAU’s property and affairs; and Councilors to the Joint Board/Council Nominating Committee. The Council votes on acceptance or resignation of institutions to membership in ORAU, as well as dismissal of members.
  • The Council confers with and advises the Board of Directors on broad policy matters that concern the sponsoring institutions, the public interest, and ORAU staff, and requests and receives reports from the Board of Directors and ORAU staff.

Councilor responsibilities to the institution regarding programs and funding opportunities:

  • The Councilor receives and disseminates information on ORAU grant programs and activities to administrators, faculty, and students at the institution, for example, Ralph E. Powe Junior Faculty Program, Travel Grants, Event Sponsorship Grants, Graduate School Fair, Lindau Meeting of Nobel Laureates and Students, and the ORAU/ORNL High Performance Computing Grant Program.
  • Manages information flow regarding opportunities for joint funding, participant programs, and ORAU grant programs to appropriate personnel in the university. May choose to engage a team of colleagues to maximize engagement.
  • Arranges campus visits by ORAU staff.
  • Serves as the conduit for submission of proposals to ORAU grant programs which limit the number of applications from an institution.
  • Understands ORAU core competencies and facilitates partnerships for joint proposals involving university faculty and ORAU subject matter experts.
  • Understands institutional capabilities and interests, strategic plans, and asset availability. 
  • Employs technical background, expertise, and interests as a volunteer for service on committees, such as award selection committees.
  • Monitors and facilitates payment of the ORAU annual membership dues.