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ORNL’s Computing Resources

ORAU supports Oak Ridge National Laboratory’s efforts to provide high performance computing resources to the scientific community

ORNL Summit supercomputer

Image courtesy of Oak Ridge National Laboratory

ORAU assists faculty at ORAU institutions by providing information regarding the ORNL resources and links to the portals to apply for time. Titan is the primary ORNL high performance computing (HPC) production resource and is supported by DOE and managed by the National Center for Computational Sciences (NCCS). Applications for time on Titan are submitted through the INCITE program, an annual open call for proposals for scientific campaigns that execute large-scale scientific simulations. An INCITE application for access to a fraction of the 18,688 compute nodes is not likely to be successful.

Access to Summit or other computer hardware at the NCCS for scale up and/or preliminary work may be requested year-round through the Director’s Discretionary program. Typical Director’s Discretionary awards range from several hundred thousand to several million core-hours.

Faculty at ORAU member institutions with an interest in preparing collaborative proposals for mutual benefit of the university and ORNL are encouraged to contact Cathy Fore in the ORAU University Partnerships Office for assistance in identifying ORNL scientists with relevant expertise. Applications may specify the amount of compute time required for the collaboration. Awards of HPC time are typically comparable in size to Director’s Discretionary awards. Significantly larger requests should be brought to the attention of Cathy Fore during the application process.


Open to researchers from academia, government labs, and industry, the DOE Innovative and Novel Computational Impact on Theory and Experiment (INCITE) program is the major means by which the scientific community gains access to some of the fastest supercomputers.

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