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Purdue University

Location: West Lafayette, Indiana

Founded: 1869

ORAU Member since: 2012

Member Councilor: Jeffrey Bolin

Enrollment: 41,573 (fall 2017)

Mission Statement:

Purdue University serves diverse populations of Indiana, the nation, and the world through discovery that expands the frontiers of knowledge, learning that nurtures the sharing of knowledge, and engagement that promotes the application of knowledge.

Mission Characteristics:

  • Knowledge of great depth and breadth to be explored, expanded, applied, and preserved for access by all learners, scholars, and practitioners to foster their intellectual and professional growth.
  • Research, scholarship, and creative endeavor — grounded in the most advanced methods — that expand the frontiers of knowledge, enhance learning, and address societal challenges.
  • Application of knowledge that responds to technical and social challenges, and creates new opportunities that advance society.
  • Learner-centered, inspiring, and nurturing educational communities marked by human and intellectual diversity, and the promotion of a dynamic culture of equity and inclusion for all people, in a pervasively supportive climate that fosters excellence of students, faculty, and staff.
  • Programs centered on preparing learners from all walks of life to succeed as responsible scholars, leaders, professionals, consumers, citizens, and lifelong learners.
  • Partnership in Indiana’s economic, social, and cultural development efforts, and in improving quality of life.
  • Contributions to the public good that advance the State of Indiana, the nation, and the global community.
  • The highest standards of ethics and integrity, and responsible stewardship of human, physical, financial, and environmental resources.

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