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Syracuse University

Location: Syracuse, New York

Founded: 1870

ORAU Member since: 2012

Member Councilor: Zhanjiang (John) Liu

Enrollment: 22,484 (fall 2017)

Mission Statement:

As a university with the capacity to attract and engage the best scholars from around the world, yet small enough to support a personalized and academically rigorous student experience, Syracuse University faculty and staff support student success by:

  • Encouraging global study, experiential learning, interdisciplinary scholarship, creativity, and entrepreneurial endeavors
  • Balancing professional studies with an intensive liberal arts education
  • Fostering a richly diverse and inclusive community of learning and opportunity
  • Promoting a culture of innovation and discovery
  • Supporting faculty, staff, and student collaboration in creative activity and research that address emerging opportunities and societal needs
  • Maintaining pride in our location and history as a place of access, engagement, innovation, and impact

Website: Syracuse University

Syracuse University seal

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