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Each year, the University Radioactive Ion Beam (UNIRIB) consortium contributes to numerous scholarly publications and presents research at a variety of international conferences. The following list provides information about recently published articles authored and co-authored by UNIRIB staff.

Stewardship publications

Helium jet ion source in FRIB era, J.J. Das, H.K. Carter, J.R. Beene and B.M. Sherrill, Journal of Physics: Conference Series 420 012165 (2013)

Other published articles and presentations

New half-lives of the r-process Zn and Ga isotopes measured with direct on-line isobar separation, M. Madurga, R. Surman, I.N. Borzov, R. Grzywacz, K.P. Rykaczewski, C.J. Gross, D. Miller, D.W. Stracener, J.C. Batchelder, N.T. Brewer, L. Cartegni, J.H. Hamilton, J.K. Hwang, S.H. Liu, S.V. Ilyushkin, C. Jost, M. Karny, A. Korgul, W. Krolas, A. Kuzniak, C. Mazzocchi, A.J. Mendez II, K. Miernik, S.W. Padgett, S.V. Ilyushkin, C. Jost, M. Karny, A. Korgul, W. Krolas, A. Kuzniak, C. Mazzocchi, A.J. Mendez II, K. Miernik, S.W. Padgett, S.V. Paulauskas, A.V. Ramayya, J.A. Winger, M. Wolinska-Cichock and E.F. Zganjar, Phys. Rev. Lett. 109, 112501 (2012)

Low-lying collective states in 120Cd populated by β-decay of 120Ag: Breakdown of the Anharmonic Vibrator Model at the Three-Phonon Level, J.C. Batchelder, N.T. Brewer, R.E. Goans, R. Grzywacz, B.O. Griffith, C. Jost, A. Korgul, S.H. Liu, S.V. Paulauskas, E.H. Spejewski and D.W. Stracener, Phys. Rev. C. 86, 064311 (2012)

β-decay study of neutron-rich bromine and krypton isotopes, K. Miernik, K. P. Rykaczewski, R. Grzywacz, C. J. Gross, D. Miller, D. W. Stracener, J. C. Batchelder, N. T. Brewer, L. Cartegni, A. Fijalkowska, J. H. Hamilton, J. K. Hwang, S. V. Ilyushkin, C. Jost, M. Karny, A. Korgul, W. Kŕolas, S.H. Liu, M. Madurga, C. Mazzocchi, A. J. Mendez II, S. W. Padgett, S. V. Paulauskas, A. V. Ramayya, J. A. Winger, M. Wolińska-Cichocka, and E. F. Zganjar, Phys. Rev. C 88, 014309

Magnetic moments of 21+ states in 124,126,128Sn, J. M. Allmond, A. E. Stuchbery, D. C. Radford, A. Galindo-Uribarri, N. J. Stone, C. Baktash, J. C. Batchelder, C. R. Bingham, M. Danchev, C. J. Gross, P. A. Hausladen, K. Lagergren, Y. Larochelle, E. Padilla-Rodal, and C.-H. Yu, Phys. Rev. C 87, 054325 (2013)

Experimental Results from Oak Ridge Isomer Spectrometer and Separator (ORISS), A. Piechaczek, J.C. Batchelder, H.K. Carter, R.E. Goans, S. Liu, V. Shchepunov, E.F. Zganjar, Submitted for DNP13 Meeting of The American Physical Society

Low Energy Collective States in neutron-rich Cd Isotopes, J. C. Batchelder, N. T. Brewer, C. J. Gross, R. Grzywacz, J. H. Hamilton, M. Karny A. Kuzniak, M. F. Madurga, A. J. Mendez, S. H. Liu, K. Miernik, D. Miller, S. W. Padgett, S. V. Paulauskas, K. P. Rykaczewski, A. V. Ramayya, D. W. Stracener, M. Wolinska-Cichocka, and E. F. Zganjar, 5th International Conference on Fission and Properties of Neutron-rich Nuclei (ICFN5), November 4-10, 2012, Sanibel Island, FL

New high-spin level scheme of neutron-rich 112Rh, S. H. Liu, J. H. Hamilton, A. V. Ramayya, S. J. Zhu, Y. Shi, F. R. Xu, J. C. Batchelder, N. T. Brewer, J. K. Hwang, Y. X. Luo, J. O. Rasmussen, W. C. Ma, A. V. Daniel, G. M. Ter-Akopian, and Yu. Ts. Oganessian, Phys. Rev. C 87, 057302

New insights into the structure of neutron-rich nuclei A=108-118 and 160-162Gd, J. H. Hamilton, Y. X. Luo, . V. Ramaya, J. K. Hwang, E.H. Wang, N.T. Brewer, B. Doll, S. H. Liu, J. O. Rasmussen, I. Y. Lee, S. Frauendorf, G. M. Ter-Akopian, A. V. Daniel, Yu. Ts. Oganessian, S. J. Zhu, Y. Shi, F. R. Xu and J. C. Batchelder, International Conference on Nuclear Physics: Presence and Future, Boppard, May 29 - June 05, 2013


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