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National Security and Emergency Preparedness

Enhancing our Nation’s Preparedness to Respond to Emergencies Related to Terrorist Incidents and Natural Disasters

Whether the threat is nuclear terrorism, a natural disaster or a chronic disease that affects the health of millions of Americans every year, national preparedness is the key to successfully managing public safety and security.

ORAU partners with federal, state and local agencies to ensure the highest levels of national readiness to counter terrorist incidents, to respond to emergency situations and radiation accidents.

Some of ORAU capabilities in these areas include:

Securing our country against terrorism and national emergencies

Visit the National Security and Emergency Management section for more information on planning, coordinating and executing national and statewide exercises and training and providing technology solutions for national readiness.

Elevating global understanding and medical response to radiation emergencies

Visit the Radiation Emergency Medicine section for more information on the medical response to and management of radiation emergencies, training and continuing medical education, and special capabilities at the Cytogenetic Biodosimetry Laboratory for calculating the dose of individuals exposed to ionizing radiation.