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Science Education and Peer Review

Strengthening America’s Scientific Research and Education Enterprise to Enhance Global Competiveness

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A high percentage of the science and technology workforce is nearing retirement age. Our schools are producing graduates who are finding it increasingly more difficult to compete in an international science and technology labor market. Maintaining a steady flow of highly qualified and motivated scientific and technical talent is critical.

In direct response to this ongoing challenge, Oak Ridge Associated Universities (ORAU) is playing an important role in the renewed national commitment to improve education, research, and innovation in America to enhance our country’s global competitiveness.

Some of ORAU capabilities in these areas include:

Creating a talent pool of future science and technology leaders

Visit the Science Education and Workforce Development section for more information on science education and workforce development and research participation programs, including internships, scholarships, and fellowships.

Bringing tomorrow’s science into today’s classrooms

Visit the Center for Science Education section for more information on teacher professional development and student opportunities, resources for STEM (or science, technology, engineering and mathematics) education, and transforming traditional classroom instruction by using new technologies and new ways of learning.

Strengthening the global competitiveness of universities

Visit the University Partnerships section for more information on research grants, opportunities for collaboration, and programs that inspire and support academic excellence, technological innovation, and creative problem solving.

Ensuring the quality and credibility of scientific information and funded research

Visit the Scientific Peer Review section for more information on how independent and objective peer review can help ensure a robust and credible scientific research enterprise and can provide accountability for federal research dollars spent on some of our nation’s most pressing research challenges.