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Environmental Assessments, Worker and
Public Health

Building Public Confidence in the Management of Health Issues and Environmental Cleanup Initiatives

ORAU employee conducts a site assessment

Our customers place great importance on ensuring that all research, production, or other activities at their facilities are performed in a safe and environmentally responsible manner.

Sometimes, however, workers have occupational-related health issues or on-the-job exposures to radiation or other hazardous substances, or sites and facilities that are contaminated must be adequately cleaned up.

ORAU is providing fast and reliable health surveillance systems to measure and analyze these health issues to help mitigate their causes and effects. We develop communication strategies to educate the public about serious diseases and health threats.

In addition, we’re providing independent environmental assessments of cleanup activities to help ensure these buildings and lands can be safely released for government, commercial, or public use.

Some of ORAU’s capabilities and programs in these areas include:

Instilling public confidence in environmental cleanup

Visit the Environmental Assessments and Health Physics section for more information on pre- and post-cleanup surveys and assessments, radiation sciences training, radiochemical analyses of survey samples, and other health physics services.

Answering the need for responsive worker heath solutions

Visit the Occupational Exposure and Worker Health section for more information on ORAU’s full-range of services from broad-scope epidemiology and health screenings/surveillance studies to individual worker beryllium sensitization testing and radiation dose reconstruction.

For more information about specific programs, visit:

Improving the nation’s health through effective communication

Visit the Health Communication, Marketing and Training section for more information on public health communication, overall health and chronic disease education, emergency communication planning, exercises and drills for public health crises, technology solutions, and research and evaluation services for health communication campaigns.