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Film Dosimeters

To see the summary table from a survey of film badge services that appeared in the February 1955 issue of Nucleonics, click on the Info Button.

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Ernest Wollan's Film Badges

NCA Film Badge

R-C Scientific Film Badge

Nuclear-Chicago Film Badge

Tracerlab Film Badge

Gardray Film Badge

ORNL Ring Badge

Ring Badge

Film (?) Ring Badge

Wrist Band Film Badge ORNL Film Badge (1950s)

ORNL Film Badge   (1960s)

Argonne Film Badge       (ca. 1950)

Hanford Film Badge

Two Early Metal Film Badges

Keleket K-180 and other A.M. Samples Badges

Chalk River Film Badges

Landauer Film Badges

Thermoluminescent Dosimeters (TLDs)

Early Prototype TLD Badge

Prototype Hanford Badge (ca. 1968)

Prototype Hanford Badge  (ca. 1972)

Hanford Ring Badge

LLNL Prototype Badge

 Pocket Dosimeters (direct-reading)

For general information about pocket chambers and pocket dosimeters, click on the Info Button.

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World's oldest direct reading pocket dosimeter  Bendix Prototype  Ratemeter/Dosimeter Bendix Model 609 Thermal Neutron Pocket Dosimeter Bendix Model 862 and 1200-5 Pocket Dosimeters

Cambridge BM 20020/10 Pocket Dosimeter

Keleket Model K-112 pocket Dosimeter

Keleket Pocket Dosimeters: K-191 and two unknown models

Landsverk L-49, L-50, L-51 and L-53 Pocket Dosimeters

Riken Model PD-200 Pocket Dosimeter

Shonka Pocket Dosimeter from Argonne National Laboratory

Tracerlab SU-8 Pocket Dosimeter

Victoreen Model 541 Pocket Dosimeters

Pocket Chambers (indirect-reading pocket dosimeters)

Keleket K-700 Pocket Chamber and Unknown Model

Keleket Pocket Chamber

Landsverk L-50 Finger Chamber

Landsverk L-65 Pocket Chamber

Victoreen Models 252 and  262 Pocket Chambers

Prototype Beta Chambers from ORNL

Prototype Beta Chambers from ORNL

Prototype Beta Sensitive Wrist Badge from ORNL

Prototype Pocket Chambers from ORNL

Miscellaneous Dosimeters

LLNL RPL Environmental Dosimeter

RPL Dosimeter

Toshiba RPL Dosimeter

Dosimeter used in Apollo moon mission

ORNL Dosimeters

Color Dosimeter

Technical Associates Model G Color Dosimeter

"Atometer" Colorimetric Dosimeter

GARD Dosimeter

Criticality Belt

NUMEC Criticality Dosimeter

Pandux Dosimeter

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