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Understanding the relationship between safety culture and safety performance

ORAU researchers Jeffrey Miller, Ph.D., and Davyda Hammond, Ph.D. recently co-author Understanding the relationship between safety culture and safety performance indicators in U.S. nuclear waste cleanup operations, in Safety Science. The study examined the relationship between nuclear safety culture and safety performance by evaluating the relationships between safety culture traits and two types of performance measures—personal safety and operations indicators—for a U.S. nuclear waste cleanup contractor.

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Looking ahead to the 2024 ORAU Annual Meeting: A conversation with Ken Tobin and Cathy Fore

In this episode of Further Together: The ORAU Podcast, Ken Tobin, chief research and university partnerships officer, and Cathy Fore, senior director of university partnerships, look ahead to the 2024 Annual Meeting of the Council of Sponsoring Institutions. In conversation with Michael Holtz and Matthew Underwood, Tobin and Fore talk about the meeting's theme -- Redefining the Next Generation STEM Enterprise -- as well as the slate of keynote speakers and panelists. The annual meeting is a great opportunity to bring together ORAU subject matter experts, university consortium members and federal agency partners to discuss key issues and build relationships to find solutions together. While the annual meeting is an invitation-only event, the topics are relevant beyond the walls of ORAU. To that end, future podcast episodes will include a post-meeting wrap-up and interviews with some of the meetings speakers.

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