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ORAU: Then & Now

Group of ORAU employees working together in a team meeting

ORAU: Then & Now is a great resource for you to learn about how our people, programs and partners are making a huge impact, serving our country and giving us the competitive edge on the world stage in the areas of STEM education, workforce solutions, exposure science, health education, disaster preparedness, forensic science and so much more! We are committed to integrating our resources for the purpose of innovating a stronger tomorrow.

Learn our history that began with the Manhattan Project during World War II and the ways we respond to critical national needs today. Watch our short videos and discover how ORAU is championing science, health and education.

Check back often as we share behind-the-scenes content, surprise teachers with STEM equipment giveaways and interview some of the smartest men and women in the world.


When it comes to national preparedness, ORAU works diligently with the federal government creating resources to equip communities for emergency response. One of those resources includes a CDC discussion guide series for emergency planners. Another project includes considerations for mental health.


The fascination with all things nuclear started during World War II and continued for a couple decades. What fed into (and perpetuated) the craze? This blog offers four reasons nuclear science was at the forefront of pop culture throughout the 1950s and 60s