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Research Focus Areas

Research plays an important role in the discovery of ways our nation can advance and strengthen its priorities in education, health, science and engineering. Through collaboration with those from multi-disciplinary perspectives, amazing solutions can emerge. ORAU’s research enterprise offers opportunities to connect with the diversity of research excellence offered by its internationally known subject matter experts and our 150+ member institutions.

With our university partnerships spanning more than seven decades, ORAU offers many ways to create partnerships to explore and develop innovative solutions for some of our nation’s most pressing issues.

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Impact Areas

Understanding the relationship between safety culture and safety performance

ORAU researchers recently co-author Understanding the relationship between safety culture and safety performance indicators in U.S. nuclear waste cleanup operations, published in the October 2023 edition of Safety Science. The study examined the relationship between nuclear safety culture and safety performance by evaluating the relationships between safety culture traits and two types of performance measures—personal safety and operations indicators—for a U.S. nuclear waste cleanup contractor.

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