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Epidemiology & Exposure Science

From epidemiology and exposure health studies to organizational culture evaluations—ORAU's worker health research focuses on workplace hazards and the occupational health and safety of workers. The foundation of our expertise stems from more than 50 years of collecting, managing, and analyzing occupational data on current and former workers—many of whom supported U.S. Department of Energy missions that date back to the Manhattan Project (WWII 1940s).

If you are interested in conducting research that involves the study of worker populations and workplace exposures, we can match you with our worker health and epidemiology experts for a deeper dive into research that aims to answer important questions about how exposures or other factors contribute to the development of diseases, including cancer.

Research focus areas

  • Epidemiology/exposure risk assessments
  • Safety culture assessments
  • Organizational culture assessments
  • Impact of opioid abuse on the workforce

Impact Areas

30,000 nuclear workers surveyed on safety cultures in their workplaces

ORAU has performed periodic, comprehensive evaluations of nuclear industry workforces and practices in an effort to monitor and continuously improve safety culture.

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30,000 nuclear workers surveyed on safety cultures in their workplaces

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If you have questions about ORAU's research partnerships, contact us at (865) 576-1717 or .