Lifetime Radium-Vitalizer Water Jar (ca. 1925)

One of the first to copy the success of the Revigator was the National Radium Corporation which operated out of Chicago and Denver. Their product was the Lifetime Radium-Vitalizer water jar. Unlike the Revigator, which was ceramic, the body of the Radium-Vitalizer Water jar was aluminum.

The source of the radon (aka radium emanation) was a granular material in the bottom of the jar covered with a perforated aluminum plate (see photo below). This material was described in a 1988 article in the journal Health Physics as 100-200 grams of uranium ore. However, the manufacturer's literature refers to it as "a chemically prepared radium salt in the form of insoluble Radium barium sulfate. The amount is measured and guaranteed free from any mineral poisons such as are found in carnotite ore, - arsenic, uranium, vanadium, etc."



Competition between manufacturers of these types of devices was fierce. For example, the Denver Radium Services Laboratories which manufactured a similar product, the Radiumizer Vitalizer Water Jar, claimed the following: "There is but one vitalizer jar. Apparent competition and similarity of name should not confuse the discriminating purchaser."

Sometime in 1925, the National Radium Corporation seems to have changed the name of their product from the "Lifetime Radium-Vitalizer Water" jar to the "Radium Lifetime Water" jar.  Perhaps the change was in response to this "similarity of name" issue. The image to the right shows the cover of a company brochure for the "Radium Lifetime Water jar.



Size: ca. 14" high, 9" diameter

Exposure Rate:  ca. 40 uR/hr at one foot from base




The following is a 1926 advertisement from the Mandis Sales Company.

Donated by Ed Landa.


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Product Literature. No date.

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