RCL Model 10301 GM Tube  (1958)


This Radiation Counter Laboratories Model 10301 came with  Certificate of Inspection dated 5-6-58.  

Unfortunately, I have no literature regarding this particular tube.  However, an RCL catalog states "The RCL Series 103 Detectors are sensitive to beta and low energy gamma radioactivity. Constructed from thin-wall glass or metal tubing, they are suitable for a wide variety of general purpose radioactive detection requirements. . . .Series 103 detectors are virtually insensitive to count rate variation due to temperature change, are non-photosensitive, and exhibit no hysteresis."


Size: 5 3/4" long and 3/4" in diameter

Operating Voltage: 950 - 1100 volts

Cathode: silver coating on inside of glass wall.

Wall Thickness:  probably 30 mg/cm2  



Radiation Counter Laboratories catalog, Radiation Detectors, no date.


Donated by the University of Kansas courtesy of Michael Lemon

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