Tracerlab TGC-3A End Window GM Tube

Tracerlab's  model TGC-3, like the TGC-1 and TGC-2, was a glass-walled end window GM tube designed for beta counting.   The earliest reference I have found for it is 1950. The TGC-3 and TGC-3A tubes were exactly the same. The difference was that the TGC-3 came with a set of beryllium and copper absorbers (disks).

Kindly donated by Randy Liebermann.

Size:     3.85 long and 1.5 inner diameter

Window Thickness:   1.9 mg/cm2 mica                               

Wall:   glass,    > 300 mg/cm2, stainless steel on inside

Anode:  Tungsten central wire.

Operating voltage:   1100 - 1400 V

Plateau length:   300 volts

Fill gas:   argon

Fill gas pressure:  720 mm Hg

Dead time:  ca. 200 us

Base:   four prong ceramic base:


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